Indigenize Spaces Crewneck Sweatshirt (New Colours!)

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When we decolonise we start with a colonised environment or space and attempt to revert it back to its Indigenous scaffold. However, what if we did more. What if we flooded colonised spaces with Indigenous knowledge. Or better still, what if the blueprint itself was indigenised. Think of it this way, by the time we have to 'DEcolonise' something, it's too late. By the time you have to DEtonate a bomb, it's too late. Let's instead work to indigenise our thoughts, our spaces and our work. The concept of decolonising relays on centring of the colonist; it centres colonisation. It's even in the word 'deCOLONISE'. However, 'Indigenise' centres the Indigenous Peoples and their kaupapa. 'Indigenise' is about creating, not subtracting. That's where we're heading.

We have this design spelled the non-american way as well so please email us if you would prefer the spelling "Indigenise Spaces" - thank you.

10% percent of proceeds for this t-shirt will go back to Indigenous Communities, i.e.,

/ Relaxed unisex fit 
/ 50 Cotton, 50 Polyester  
/ Double-stitched
/ Runs true to size

50% Cotton 50% Polyester / Machine wash cold / Tumble dry low

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Width, cm 50.80 55.90 60.96 66.00 71.12 76.20 81.28 86.36
Length, cm 68.58 71.12 73.66 76.20 78.74 81.28 83.80 86.36
Sleeve length, cm 50.80 53.40 55.90 58.40 61.00 63.50 66.10 68.60

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